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Read through the information below to find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we receive at LightPath Solar. You'll also find a wealth of fantastic information throughout our website. Find out how solar works and explore the benefits of using solar energy for residential and commercial applications. You can also get great tax credits!

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How do home solar systems work?
Sunlight hits your roof's solar panels directly, and the panels use advanced technology to convert that DC energy into usable electricity.

How does shade affect a solar system's performance?
At night and on cloudy days, your solar system can tap into a reserve energy system grid. This grid stores unused power from the days your panel converts more energy than is used.

How long will a solar system last?
On an average, a solar system can endure normal weather conditions and normal wear and tear for at least 30 years!

How much will I save with a solar energy system?
This depends on your current energy consumption level and the type of solar package you opt for. Contact LightPath Solar to schedule a FREE in-home assessment. Together we'll find the perfect solar program for your unique needs and lifestyle.

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